TAXIBONGO got together  in Amsterdam, Holland, with participation of experienced musicians on latin music, jazz, pop and flamenco. Formed in the early 2017 by friends  composers, the goal was to find a sound of its own to satisfy the creative needs of its members.

TAXIBONGO is a unique experience with latin rhythms, jazz harmonies , popular music and flamenco guitars. All these ingredients come together to create an innovative musical fusion, a sound that invites to dance and at the same time creates a meditative state of mind.

Enjoy the summer with  TAXIBONGO debut EP DIME


Fabian Izurieta (Ve) Bass, Voice
Rudy Albano (Arg) Saxophones
Fabian Labre (Ecu) Trombone,  Vocals
Dionisio Rosales (Ecu) Percusion